Francis Bacon Painting Sells at Record Breaking 142 Million, Making It the Most Expensive Piece of Art Ever Sold (Video)

A triptych (3 panel piece of art) painting by artist Francis Bacon sold for over $142,000,000 in a record-breaking auction last Tuesday. Not only did the auction the piece sold at gross over 690$ million (highest total for an auction sale in art market history), it also set the record as the most expensive single piece of art ever auctioned. 

According to CNN’s article,

“Three Studies of Lucian Freud” was sold after six minutes of bidding in the room and on the phone at Christie’s in New York City, according to spokeswoman Elizabeth Van Bergen. Painted in 1969, it is known as one of Bacon’s most iconic works, as it features Lucian Freud at the apex of his relationship with Bacon, according to the auction house’s statement.”

The previous record in an auction was Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” painted in 1895. It sold for more than $119 million dollars.




“Three Studies of Lucian Freud”

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