First Flying Car Set to Go on Sale in 2015 (Video)

Terrafugia is a small, privately-owned company that is setting about to revolutionize the world of personal transportation. The company claims that its “Transition” design, which is,

part sedan, part private jet with two seats, four wheels and wings that fold up so it can be driven like a car”,

will be available to individual buyers as early as 2015. They also unveiled plans for the smaller TF-X model; small enough to fit in the average garage, Terrafugia hopes that the TF-X will really bring the concept of flying cars to the mainstream.

Flying is all controlled by computer programs. You simply input your destination and the vehicle determines the best route, taking into account winds, weather patterns and even other vehicles. The program is very similar to the sophisticated auto-pilot features in passenger aircraft now.

The Transition is street legal and requires no piloting license.

Watch video of the Transition in action, as well as the plans for the TF-X here:

Here’s some more pictures of the Transition aircraft. Click an image to enlarge.


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