Prisoners Who Escaped In Philippine Typhoon Return After Helping Families With Aftermath

Almost half of the nearly 600 prisoners who escaped during the height of the recent Super Typhoon Haiyan have returned to the facility, many after returning home to make sure their families were safe and taken care of.

The ferocious winds of the storm tore the roof off of the prison, and as swollen mountain waterways poured water into the complex, the prisoners climbed the grills to freedom; one could only assume that at this point the water outside was already above head level as well.

But 251 of the prisoners have now returned. One man, whose home was entirely destroyed, said,

I just wanted to make sure that my family was safe. After that, I returned on my own because I don’t want to live the life of a fugitive.”

Another man, on trial for rape, said,

After escaping I helped my family harvest rice for 3 days before I returned. I could have stayed away but I decided to come back because I am innocent of the charge. I want my case to be finished so that I can get free legally.”

Read the full story here.

To donate to the Red Cross relief effort, click the image below.


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