The Most Amazing Gravity Defying Cycling Ever!!! (Video)

Professional rider Martyn Ashton and friends have done things on a bike many would not even think to be possible. Check Out Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg, and Danny Macaskill in this amazing video of them pushing the limits. Including stunts like backward downhill nose “wheelies”, front flips, back flips, and more…

It is amazing what can be accomplished if the right set of skills and will to succeed are combined. Extreme sports are a great example of this, from Tony Hawk’s amazing 900 degree spin (2 1/2 rotations) to Shaun Whites death-defying snowboard tricks. Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg, and Danny Macaskill join the club of men not afraid to challenge the limits of gravity and push the limits of their sport. Martyn Ashton and friends may be some of the greatest stunt bicyclist to ever have lived and all accomplished using Road Bikes to do these stunts, not a BMX bike or a stunt bike. They have become a master of their trade, but success does come at a price, check out this video of a few out-takes from Martyn Ashton’s video “Road Bike Party”.

Check Out this video for more extreme riding by Danny Macaskill



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