What’s YOUR Take: Do Birth Control Requirements Violate Nuns’ Religious Rights? (Poll)

Read both sides of the argument and then give us your opinion by responding to the poll at the end.

So here’s the debate. As part of Obamacare, all new insurance plans, including insurance through an employer, must provide free birth control, as part of a list of “essential benefits” that also includes cancer screenings and vaccinations among other things.

A number of religious-based employment groups objected to this, saying that it violated their religious freedoms protected by the 1st Amendment.

A Sister of the Poor in Denver, Colorado

One of these groups was The Little Sisters of the Poor, a Roman Catholic group of nuns who run nursing homes providing care to the elderly.

In response to these objections, the government created an exemption waiver. This waiver basically certifies that the employer in question is a non-profit whose religious views cause them to object to the birth control requirement.

If they sign it, they do not have to provide birth control to their employees, who can in turn use the waiver to get contraception elsewhere.

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services

However, the Denver chapter of the Little Sisters is arguing that this still violates their rights, saying in an official statement Friday that,

“The Little Sisters and other Applicants cannot execute the form because they cannot deputize a third party to sin on their behalf.”

Basically, they are arguing that they would still be sinning because by signing the form they are authorizing someone else to sin.

On the other side of the argument, groups fighting for women’s healthcare rights  have often cited a recent survey from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that found that 99% of women (and notably 98.6% of Catholic women) of reproductive age who had engaged in intercourse had used birth control.

However, the 1st Amendment was put in place to protect the rights of persecuted minorities, so is just saying that almost all women use it a good enough justification?

You’ve heard both sides, now we want your opinion.


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