WOW. The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions Brought a Go-Pro This Time (Video)

Kevin Richardson is known as the lion whisperer, and I think that term is perfectly accurate. He has literally made himself part of a pride of lions, as well as a group of hyenas.

Watch Kevin hug, cuddle and play with these wild predators. He also attaches Go-Pros on the backs of some of the lions and hyenas, so you can see things from their perspective as well.

If this isn’t the most amazing intimate footage of lions and hyenas you’ve ever seen, I’d be very surprised.


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  1. I think this video is so beautiful. Some make negative comments here, but who cares how Kevin will go, what’s important is that he saved these beautiful creatures and he is experimenting a very unique journey of his choice, more rewarding than most of us have and I bet he is healthier and happier than most of us. Plus, he is trying to bring awareness, that wild animals will become extinct, which is very sad. The ones with power, control and money choose to kill these animals, for pleasure, for that 1 second it takes to shoot them. Millions are spent every year by the rich that go hunting in Africa and other parts of the world. There are “reserves” particularly made for the rich, which btw are all cowards, since they don’t really hunt in the wild, where there is a chance they can be killed, they shoot animals that are clearly released and push towards their trajectory. What Kevin does, is the opposite, he didn’t choose to make money, by “selling” his animals, he choose to not only save them, but raise them and offer them a chance to live. I wish there was more I could do, other than just refusing to eat meat lately, after I saw the abuse chickens and bovines go thru and I wish there were more like Kevin in this world. The rich that can decide on the future of many animals, e.g rhinos, etc are not coming with any strict regulations, merely because poaching is a very profitable business.
    btw, these animals HUG, how else you call what they do when they show affection???? they also have feelings not only instincts.
    Kevin, God bless you and I hope you live forever!!!

    1. Look in bible…..animals were all created BEFORE HUMANS! He is doing what God created him to do…human race kills & destroys what they don’t understand…so sad how some humans have lost their way through life….I applaud us animal people who actually care for the 4-legged ones who share this planet. keep up good work Kevin…us animal people need 2 stick together!

      1. I certainly can appreciate his love for these magnificent creatures. But quite frankly, the guy’s an idiot. Should any one of these powerful creatures happen to have a bad day or bad moment for that matter, it’s game over! These are wild animals and they are way too unpredictable for humans to become this complacent around them…. A disaster waiting to happen. Oh yeah, but he’ll die “loving what he’s doing” right?! Among the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard.

      2. @Don L. Thomas So he’s supposed to ignore his lifelong passion for the chance he might go a little earlier than he had hoped? The only thing to fear IS fear.

      3. If you were to really know the Bible you will know that God created man first and then the animals and gave Adam the job of naming them all. When God saw that animals were not fulfilling to Adam then God created his help mate Eve, which Adam named too. When they ate the forbidden fruit they destroyed everything for man forever on earth. If this sin of disobedience to God had not occurred with Adam and Eve we would be walking among the animals today as God intended an as this man has been gifted to do. We still live in a fallen world and he needs to keep that in mine because they can still turn on him as man can too. Just beautiful what God had planned for us to experience. We will do so again when Jesus comes again one day for those who trust in his promises and accept Jesus. We will walk again among the animals and the clouds.

      1. That makes 2 idiots who can’t appreciate Gods creatures. They probably would eat both of you because wild animals love to eat idiots. who would probably love to put their heads on your wall and brag about being a great white hunter.

    2. beautifully written, I couldn’t have said it better myself. God bless you Kevin for having such a wonderful, loving and giving ♥!!!

    3. I always chuckle when I read comments about how some animal activists “saved” a particular animal or group of animals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge lover of wildlife and wildlife conservation. But let me ask this question: Who put them in danger in the first damn place?! If we humans would just stay in our own lane and leave them be, the wildlife population would do just fine on it’s own. Just ask the American buffalo or the now officially extinct Black Rihno.

      1. That’s true, but we aren’t leaving them alone. It’s called balance. Some people hurt other species, but some people try to protect them. He’s trying to get people to stop attacking the habitats they need to survive. It’s not wrong to be friendly with other species, neither is it stupid.

      2. I’d say Kevin has accepted that the day might come when he is attacked and killed by the animals that he loves but he is willing to take that risk. He is helping to expose to the world the plight of the wild animals and their loss of habitat in his own unique way. His love for those animals is stronger than his fear of death. And that is exactly what love is.

      3. Ok Don,, but humans didn’t stay in their lane and now these animals ARE in danger. So should the rest of us who actually care continue to stay in our lane and let them continue to be killed off? The most destructive people are the ones who constantly shift from lane to lane in life trying to affect others at every turn. Its people like you who “stay in their lane” that have no counteractive effect on all the negativity that a lot of people bring in to this world. Be the change you wish to see. Don;t just tell people they shouldn’t act on their passion to do something good in life just because its not something you would do.

      4. I agree that humans have been the cause of the extinction of many animals. Therefore, we should also be the solution. Actually, it was through the intervention of Ted Turner that the American Buffalo was saved. So, “leaving them be” is not always the best course of action. Even more interesting is that Turner’s plan was based on business. At the same time he was increasing their population (on private not public land) he created a market for bison products through his restaurants. An example of successful capitalism if you ask me.

    4. Yes, but even the numbers of these beasts need to be controlled due to the reduction of prey in their food chain otherwise they would be eating you and I!

      Secondly, some of the monies for those safari tags go to preservation of these animals. Where else would it come from? Preservation by depredation is “caring for our four legged friends!”

      The true sad state of affairs is the narrow mindedness of some of these postings.

      1. Are you implying that lions are not that endangered? Do you really think a man who raises lions on a daily basis doesn’t have an idea of what is going on with the lion population?

    5. I sincerely pray that Kevin that goes on with his work and that we NEVER hear that his beloved lions turned on him as did the grizzlies from “The Man Who Lived with Grizzlies” although no one will ever know the truth story of that horrible story. May God bless and protect you Kevin.

    6. “Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

      -Albert Einstein

  2. If lions need ideallistic attention seekers like this to rally humans NOT to obliterate them, then they truly are in trouble. Hugging a wild predator isn’t admirable, it’s foolish and reckless.

    If and when this guy gets eaten we’ll have to listen to the entire Internet blab about how sad it is, and experts will go on CNN and waste their breath about how “lions are dangerous and you should never attempt to hug one.”


    1. just like the experts say that it’s dangerous to go outside, to cross a street, to drive in a car – try and find a safe existence my friend. the pathetic die on golf courses!

      1. Oh, c’mon!!! Women sometimes die giving birth! So what do we do, stop having children? we’re talking about taking your life in your own hands with the very high odds of consciously and recklessly putting your very life in emanate danger. There’s a huge difference in running through an area of tall grass while knowing the area is infested with deadly, poisonous, snakes than doing so while not knowing! Really… Horrible analogy!

    2. It is indeed possible to befriend animals, and friends don’t eat each other. There is ample evidence of that among many different species. What can happen though is that you push yourself on a big animal who has a bad day, all irritated and angry. It might attack you, and even if not wanting to kill you that may very well happen anyway because of it’s strength.

      I know Kevin already was bitten once years ago when he didn’t have the same knowlegde as he has today. I have seen him explaining the case and has since then been very aware of all signs showing a bad day. As you see above happy lions are running to him for hugs, not the other way around.

      Of course, any bad thing could still happen, but it’s getting more and more unlikely. Even if he would be killed by a lion one day he is living and loving his life, and it’s all good for the awareness of the future of lions he helps to spread.

  3. Animal behavior student here. I don’t doubt that he has a personal relationship with these lions, not one bit. I don’t doubt that they consider him a part of their pride. HOWEVER, look at the way that lions play and get into arguments with members of their pride. Teeth and claws are involved. Teeth and claws don’t really hurt other lions, so playing/fighting like that is just fine. But a human? He would be severely injured by even the gentlest play-bite. The lions don’t understand how delicate he is. It’s really sad, but I think this man’s end is going to come when one of the lions playfully bites or claws him. The lions will be very sad that they lost a member of their pride, but won’t understand how they hurt him. This is the exact same thing that happens with dogs and babies. Dogs are loving and protective of the babies, but trying to carry them by the scruff (like they would do with a puppy) can kill the baby instantly. It is simply unsafe to interact like this with animals that we cannot defend ourselves against.

      1. It is relatively common, but he’s probably just gotten lucky so far. He probably stays away from them when they are being overly playful. But I have no doubt that it will happen one day. This is the exact same scenario that happens with the orcas at Sea World and to that guy who kept a Grizzly bear as a pet. They have a personal relationship, but the relationship’s key flaw is the fact that the animal treats the human as another of their kind. Getting playfully bitten/playfully pulled underwater/playfully clawed on the head is inevitable. It wouldn’t hurt one of their kind, but it kills us.

      2. Correction to my other comment: that guy who has a pet grizzly (named Brutus) hasn’t gotten hurt yet. But I am sure the same thing will happen. It’s really tragic.

      3. @ Emily – watch blackfish, there are numerous other variables that the documentary expounds upon for reasons why the attack happened (aka negative reinforcements when he was young, being terrorized by older female orcas, being raised in a cage in which he didn’t have much space to move when he was young)…lets be careful of generalities and confirmation bias when you use your examples

      4. Nate,
        Humans hurt other humans with no necessary reason. Let this man live with passion. Maybe we have something to learn from these animals.

      5. @ Emily, comparing the orcas at seaworld with animals living in the wild is beyond retarded, and makes me think you’re skipping class alot. The orcas are literally being tortured. They get kidnapped from their families as babies, often watching their parents being slaughtered at the same time. From there on its into a tiny prison, with hardly any space to maneuver in, they cant swim like they do in the wild. Another factor is how they mix them all together, orcas live in families (and are in general more family oriented than most animals), where they speak the same language and know eachother, and the introduction to different orcas creates stress, rivalry and abuse. Like, jesus, watch Blackfish already.

    1. interesting thought there animal behaviour student, but i’ve lived with dogs and and kids all my life and have never seen a dog try and carry a kid around by the scruff of their necks. perhaps animals are brighter than you give ’em credit for.

      1. My link seems to have gotten messed up. It was just a Google search of “dog kills baby” with hundreds of news stories of family dogs playing too rough with babies and accidentally killing them. It is tragic, but happens quite often.

      2. With some effort you can google up stories of humans being killed by or with such obviously dangerous objects as butterflies, vacuum cleaners, chickens, and vending machines.

        Wikipedia purports to have a reasonably complete list of humans killed by dogs in the United States. Fatal attacks on infants and toddlers seem to happen at the rate of about 10/year (out of tens of millions of dogs) and most sound like aggressive attacks rather than attempts to play.

    2. I would like to say that perhaps your observations are not entirely correct. I have owned cats all my life and currently have 3. When they play amongst each other they claw and bite and are at times quite furious. When I play with them they never ever go remotely to that extent. I don’t even get scratched by my cats by accident. However I have seen other people’s cats scratch and bite owners. This is a relationship you build with an animal which can’t be explained. You understand how to be around them and they understand how to be around you. This is something no Animal Behaviour person can and will understand.

      1. Owning cats and having them not scratch you is not the same thing of bodies of evidence and case studies that show trainers/owners getting mauled by their animals even if they had a deep relationship with them. (Not to mention that cats have been domesticated for literally thousands of years and lions have been domesticated for 0.) The truth is we don’t speak lion, and don’t know what is going through their mind. This man does NOT know 100% that the lions will never hurt him. I guarantee he would agree with that.

    3. Emily I don’t understand how since you’re an animal behavior student, you pretend to know what is bound to happen between these animals and this guy..

      ” The lions don’t understand how delicate he is. It’s really sad, but I think this man’s end is going to come when one of the lions playfully bites or claws him. The lions will be very sad that they lost a member of their pride, but won’t understand how they hurt him. ”

      –> Are you serious ?! Its very cute you’re pre-occupied over here but kinda seems like you think you’are a lion whisperer..

      no offense but yes but you’ll probably take some, it is not what you study in books and learn from case studies that you can hundred percent relate to this guy.

      I’m no expert as you are… but I’d say these animals feel he’s part of their family or at least entourage and he does say he’s been there for years.. 15 was it with some of them ? anyways.. if he had gotten bitt, I’m not sure he’d offer himself to go hugging them for this really awesome video.

      1. I’m not saying that I know what will happen to him. Not at all. I’m just a student. But if something is MOST LIKELY to happen based on past experiences, isn’t it safe to assume that it will happen again? I just think it’s a risk he should not take.

    4. Kevin’s been working with these lions for twenty years. He’s raised many of the pride’s lions since they were cubs. He HAS been clawed and bitten and injured. He’s not an idiot – he’s an expert in animal behaviour. He knows perfectly well that it’s dangerous. Getting hurt by the lions has not stopped him from being passionate about his work.

      You can get hurt in literally any line of work.

    5. Your comment is certainly valid…but its been 13 YEARS with these lions and your accident claim hasn’t happened. Fatal car crashes EVERY single day and I along with billions will continue to drive to work. So living your life in fear isn’t exactly a way to live. Now I’m not saying to anyone else to go out and try and live with lions or wild animals but he’s obviously special, so to put down his choice with a general statement is kind of ignorant.

    6. That’s exactly correct, Emily and that’s precisely what I mean when I say should they happen to have a bad day or moment. A simple ‘not now’ swat or bite that is routinely used on their own kind can put a man 6′ under. These incredibly powerful animals are not meant to be hugged and snuggled like teddy bears. We’re talkin 3″ claws and fangs coupled with brute, raw muscle that’s designed to bring down water buffalo and even elephants on occasion… Nothin to play with!

    7. you act like he doesn’t accept these risks every day. Try taking a Human behavior class as well. It will probably do you some good regarding your animal behavior studies. The world is a dangerous place, you can die sitting at your computer. I would give up everything i have to live a life like this guy does, regardless of risk or chance of death.

    8. You are right that lions and hyenas are very dangerous animals, and there is no doubt they could kill him with ease. However, Kevin Richardson states in other interviews that these videos take his relationship with these wild animals out of context, and that it is not always fun and games. He has said if it is getting too dangerous or something does not seem right he leaves them alone. Be careful of making generalizations based off prior knowledge and one video. He has been an animal behaviorist for a very long time, he knows what he is getting himself into and understands the danger.

      Maybe he will die at the hand of lions, maybe not. There is no way to predict his end or even say it will “most likely” be this way. He is not the first, nor will he be the last animal behaviorist who works up and close with wild animals. Others who came before him in his profession lived to tell the tale.

    9. Would you call Malala Yousafzai stupid for speaking out against the Taliban knowing they might kill her at any moment? Are gay rights advocates in Russia stupid because people have gotten beaten and killed for protesting discrimination laws there? People risk their lives all the time for causes they believe in. Maybe his concern isn’t himself, but what he can do for these animals by raising awareness. Maybe he’s willing to face that kind of danger for a cause he considers more important than his life alone. That’s not stupid, it’s selfless.

      And before you say he could just educate people without actually taking footage of himself playing with the lions…when was the last time a video of someone talking about wildlife conservation went viral? Extreme measures produce results.

    10. Would you say that Malala Yousafzai shouldn’t speak out against the Taliban knowing they might kill her at any moment? Should gay rights advocates in Russia stop protesting discriminatory laws because people have gotten beaten and killed for it? People risk their lives all the time for causes they believe in. Maybe his concern isn’t himself, but what he can do for these animals by raising awareness. Maybe he’s willing to face danger for a cause he considers more important than his life alone.

      And before you say he could just educate people without actually taking footage of himself playing with the lions…when was the last time a video of someone talking about wildlife conservation went viral? Extreme measures produce results.

    1. ha, that’s funny. i’ve seen that movie. guess we all need to die somehow. nice to see he’s choosing to do something worthwhile. his passing with have meaning, regardless of whether its from cancer or a misunderstanding with the cats. how many american die over misunderstandings with other americans. no one ever says… stay away from americans… we’ll perhaps some do 🙂

  4. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Yes he is fine at the moment, but the day will come, just as it did for Grizzly Man, when these animals kill him. It’s fine to be held in awe by this now, but when the fatality occurs we will emphasize how these are wild animals and cannot be treated as anything other. It’s like people who slackline without safety harnesses over huge gaps. We stare in amazement, but when they fall it is a wakeup call.

  5. It is true that he may one day die from these animals he loves–and who love him–so dearly. I am sure he knows that. But what an incredible life to live, what a beautiful connection to have, what an inspiring story to tell. If we live in constant fear of death, what will we ever accomplish? In these instances, where massive wild animals are intertwining their bodies with his, I imagine Kevin is at his happiest. We all have passions, abilities, and purposes in life–Kevin’s could kill him, but does that mean he should never engage in such a gift? For now, Kevin is here. For now, Kevin is perhaps more alive than we will ever be.

    What a beautiful planet.

  6. I agree totally with Emily..its only a matter of time…it will be his entourage that will try to come to his rescue…and it will be a lion or two that will lose their lives because he wants to be some lion whisperer hero…I say quit compromising the wildlife habitat and leave them alone…

    1. Good. point, Holly… Should any of these animals kill him be it a lion or a hyena, guess what’s going to be hunted down and shot?! Is THAT part of the beauty?! Leave these animals be! That’s animal conservation at it’s highest.

    2. You must live an incredibly pessimistic life. It’s much better for Kevin to live a life of love, and die loving, then to simply let lions that he raised from cubs “alone” for the sake of some whiney girl behind a keyboard.

  7. This Man and his kins are Heroes, hope there is a world awareness that starts within our home, with a ‘beefly’ effect, will heal our Home…

  8. By the way this man never says in this video “Come and hug these animals”. When the crew asked: You want us to stay in the car? Kevin says: Obviously. Because others human beings didn’t raise these lions but he did. So therefore the connection. He is not telling people to hug wild animals, he is saying that these wonderful creatures are probably within next two decades, extinct. He is raising awareness about the habitat. People are always taking more and more of this land, for what. Roads, buildings, roads and buildings. Never appreciating the nature itself and the tranquility it brings. So give back habitat. Restore habitat. I consider that the moral of this video. Love this video. Beautiful.

  9. Amazing!. And the people who are being negative and bashing him are the same people that bashed Steve Irwin. they all said a croc would get him etc. and he died by an accident diving that could have happened to any diver. This guy has a talentm respect it and see that he’s trying to bring light to these animals to preach conservation.

    1. No, Ron. I loved Steve Erwin and commend his efforts. But the fact is, Steve Erwin was reckless and it cost him his life. Dying in the line of duty, actually trying to save an animal from emanate harm is one thing, but dying because you simply underestimated and got too close by way of curiosity is altogether something different. Steve Erwin was and is a hero…. But he got complacent and careless and that’s what killed him. Nothing wrong with preaching conservation from a distance. His two kids certainly wouldn’t be fatherless if he had and the animals would likely have fared none the worse.

      1. Don the situation is incomparable. Kevin Richardson raised these lions from birth he’s not just diving into some random lion pen.

  10. Its really sad that people have been are leaving such awful comments. This is truly an amazing video and yes, I know that he is putting his life in danger everyday but thats his choice and his families. Our soldiers put their life at stake, but they do it for the love of their country. Our police officers, fire men and teachers put their life at stake every day but it does not stop them from doing what they love. This guy is a true example of living life to the fullest and I would rather die tomorrow doing what I love and living life, then to die in 50 years hating my life and living with regret. Let’s try being a bit more supportive then negative, after all he is trying to reverse what man is destroying!
    Here is a quote that my mom always say that sums it all up, “are you living or are you existing?”

  11. There needs to be more people in this world who actually do something to help the animals in an outstanding way not just becoming a vegan or whatever but actually going out and doing something to show people how we are abusing animals and how they are becoming endangered, and with one animal leaving it messes up a lot. I hope when i’m older I will be like him maybe not going out to lions but that I won’t be afraid of making a difference in this messed up world.
    I would also like to point out he isn’t lucky, he’s blessed.

  12. I don’t know the whole scenario for this situation but my concern is that these trusting Lions will get killed by people who are killers .They aren’t going to be as guarded now, and heaven forbid they could more easily be ambushed. Their plight is bad enough without making it easier for their natural enemies to approach them. Otherwise, I love this mans efforts to, what? Make friends with them? Thinking about it, the film is so beautiful and his heart is in the right place,but unless he personally protects them in their wild state, he is opening them up for disaster….

    1. They’re not wild and they’re not in a zoo either. He owns a sanctuary where he keeps these hand-raised animals that can’t be released into the wild.

  13. Alright people, let’s calm down a bit. How this man chooses to live his life is, quite frankly, his choice. I do not hear him advocating lion hugging. He is raising awareness and living life with heart and passion. I admire his dedication to these animals! Everyone that has found their purpose in life knows that there are inherent risks involved. That’s what life is about!

  14. Video footage edited to not show the eating and mauling of a man who thought he could hug a lion. Just kidding cool video.

  15. Kevin is demonstrating what is known in Indian spirituality as a Siddhi (supernatural power). There are many Sadhus in India that live with wild Tigers, Cobras and other dangerous creatures. They connect with the animal’s spirit. Beautiful to see this video.

  16. anthropomorphization

    look it up folks

    this cat is a big cat whisperer no doubt
    the prognosis is grim
    He will, quite possibly, die doing what he loves.

  17. This was the most amazing veido I have ever seen. I’am Leo lion by the staars and to see this and the beauty of the lion in it own setting it is just amazing ..

  18. These are NOT wild animals. Kevin Richardson has raised every animal he interacts with from birth (which is a LOT of animals) but he would NEVER do this with wild animals.

  19. Don L Thomas

    U have no right to say Kevin is an idiot, Ur the idiot……………as for all your peoples snotty comments, listen to the reason why Kevin is doing what he is doing, he should be admired. Not like the idiots that come to my country and pose with animals they have shot here and then gets there heads shipped to where ever these assholes are from. I think he realizes more than anyone that he could be killed, but that does not stop him from doing what he believes in and what he think is right.

  20. You guys need to do some actual research before you make dumbass statements. Kevin’s an ethologist – he has more than twenty years experience working with lions. He understands the proper safety precautions, he understands the animals’ behaviour and when not to approach them. Timothy (The Grizzly Man) was basically just a hippie living in the wild and had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

    Kevin’s work is extremely dangerous but please don’t make that comparison.

  21. Read over the negative and positive comments. A specific quote kept rising in my mind, I’ll get to it in a moment. But first, most of my view of this has already been mentioned, so I’ll not risk repeating such.

    As a Leo, this touched my heart deeply to watch this. I smiled and melted watching the beauties practically tackle hug him. In an instant I was overwhelmed in jealousy and envy, to either join him or swap places with him even for an instant… That being said, I wholeheartedly support this man and the very clear message he is voicing. I will say something directly to ALL of the negative posters. I do not care if it offends them…

    It is better to live one day as a Lion, than a thousand years as a sheep.

    This man has a true heart. He doesn’t fear them, nor the risk to his life. There is no imbalance in his mind or what ever anyone can assume about him. He lives through his passion for the magnificent beasts.

    And if you want to get down into the grit of it, a hero is a being who defends those that cannot defend themselves. Humans are more efficient at defending against humans. The beasts are not weak by any means, but they can’t defend against cowards with rifles. Dauntless and brave humans can. So for these beauties to have a few extra years in fairly safer conditions than if they were left to they own devices, they’d be poached to extinction.

    What will they kill next? What happens when there is nothing left to poach? Imagine the hunger games without the fashion (Maybe even with, who knows.) Imagine the Earth from the movie Wall-E. The desolate planet barely clinging to life. Poaching is part of that result. Bored and malicious humans.

    Personally, I feel justice in this age is too lenient on their kind. I believe the punishment for poaching should be life in prison or death. Hell I’ll even be the warden of the prisons.

    And I’m sure I’ll catch heat from the overly passive and anti violent sheep, but whatever. I’ve said my peace. The man is a hero in my eyes, and I know he is living a life I could only envy, maybe one day I too can share even a shred of this level of joy he has… So long as we get that prison in place in time…. Okay guys, off topic… Let’s make a kickstarter to fund a new prison… and an island, let’s buy an island and found a neutral country just for the prison and port….

    1. And edit to my OP “So for these beauties *not* to have a few extra years in fairly safer conditions than if they were left to they own devices, they’d be poached to extinction.

  22. I am pretty sure Kevin is well aware of the dangers and possible repercussions of being close to these wild animals. But, it’s a risk and a choice he willingly and consciously makes out of his love and passion for these animals. How many of us can say that out of our love and passion and care for something that we are wiling to take such a stand for it, even if we know we may die of it? Because as we take a stand for that thing it fulfills us and if we don’t take a stand for it, then it kills us just the same. He’s so filled up with pure love and passion for his cause that it’s admirable. I wish there were more people like that. And he loves what he does so much that he’s willing to die doing it. Now, that’s a statement. It’s beautiful and poetic for he knows that at the end of his life, he will look back knowing that he did what he wanted to do and because of that, he fulfilled his joy, happiness and mission and the rest of nobody else’s business. We all have to die someday. Why not die doing something we love, or die for a cause we love and believe in? Plenty of men and women die everyday for their countries. Do we judge that? Who can really judge anyway? We are all of God, but we are not GOD.

  23. Thinking these animals will turn on him one day is exactly the type of ignorant thinking thats kept us from the truth about animals for years. Studies have shown that usually animals strike because they are afraid or feel you are a threat. Kevin has literally become a part of the pride. He is one of them. If you think he’s going to go out like Steve Irwin well… Kevin’s not jumping on the lions back and wrestling them (may Steve rest in peace.) He’s doing this to help save the lions and hyenas. So let’s keep it about that.

  24. Why are some of you posting negatively? It is HIS life and he does whatever he pleases. It is really none of anyones business to explain what could happen or how he is being whatever you have to say… Why do any of you care? why do ANY of you try to prove your point so much? It seems to me like most of you are more annoyed over the fact that you cant change others mind than to give an Important lesson out there. YES, I do understand it is dangerous at some point, but why do any of you have to even care if you dont know him. God I really wish I could understand why some people care enough about bringing others down to the point where they keep “wasting their time” replying just to see who is wrong and who is not… All of the negative posts can shove their education and their opinions wherever they want, and I understand I am giving an opinion as well against the people who are being plain rude, but I do care about it on the contrary, because Im sick of seeing negative people being rude to others who are just being inspirational. If he does die “doing what he loves” and you think that statement is stupid, how about you go and buy yourself an animal, and if you dont get close enough to it to literally cry when thet die then you are just heartless. He is not just putting himself in risk just because, Im sure he loves them like if they were humans, family.

  25. To all of the negative comments: Do you honestly think that this man cares what you say or think? Do you really think he will read your comments? He made his decision to do what he loves a long time ago regardless of what people like you think of him. This video was not made to offend. If you’re not uplifting or bringing anything other than joy to this, then why are you here? This man knows his risks, but that is his passion. -And what a wonderful and noble passion that is! If people in this beautiful world (like us) would actually have a passion (that is not for one’s self gain), how much more pure would this earth be? I strongly believe in doing what you love. Contrary to what you think, if this man dies doing what he loves, then what part of that is sad? Death? Everyone dies. In fact, you are technically dying as we speak. As humans, we have a fear of the unknown. No one knows what will happen in 20 years, not even the Lion Whisperer. Also, I am going to go on a limb and say that you do not have a personal relationship with this man nor his family, and from what your negativity screams about you is that you do not care about him. So why does this bother you so? Are you THAT egotistical and have such a huge need to be right? Not even the genius scholar Emily (who reminded us that she is STILL a STUDENT) knows much about these gorgeous creatures, only knowledge from books and possibly some self research or case studies, has no personal experience with them. His message to the world is for us to be givers, to help those who cannot help theirselves, aka the wildlife. There is a whole magnificent world out there waiting to be seen and you can see if you choose to get out of your comfortable, sheltered life. Please re-evaluate your life if what I said offends you.

    Live your life to the fullest.
    See the world.
    Love passionately.
    Be happy,
    & be healthy. ❤

  26. Humans are not generally on a lion’s menu. Tigers, however, kill about 300 humans per year, mostly in India. The animal that kills more humans than any other is the mosquito.

  27. The real problem here is human overpopulation. Why is it that nature habitat is disappearing? Because there are too many humans and we take the animal’s habitat. The solution: sterilization. There should be a law that limits each couple to have a maximum of 2 kids. That way, the population would never grow and it would actually decrease since not everyone has kids, or some couples might only have 1 child. Will this solve all of our problems? No. But it will help. It will also buy us some time in that we’re not destroying our planet as fast as possible. And hopefully future generations will be smart enough to find solutions to our problems, such as energy needs.

    1. i think you brought up a great point here. habitat loss is by far the biggest driver of species destruction and there’s nothing to indicate our population growth will level off anytime soon.

  28. It is a beautiful video, and I agree that Kevin has the right to do whatever he wants with his life. But I also think Don and Emily are making plenty of sense. I don’t read their comments as “negative” or trying to control Kevin’s life — just pointing out a bit of reality about the whole thing.

    Somebody else made a good point too: if Kevin does get hurt by one of the lions, which most seem to agree could in fact happen, the lion (or lions) involved will likely be shot. Nobody likes this outcome, yet it is a real possibility, like it or not.

    My guess is that there is a lot of “magical thinking” involved in the criticisms of Don’s and Emily’s (mine too most likely) posts. Yes, it would be nice if … etc etc. But I’m a big believer in reality, defined as that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

    Best of luck to Kevin and the lions. And the quality of the video is amazing!

  29. There is a beautiful benevolence that is very much like an individual trait that makes each cat unique. The earth would be horribly lessened without these majestic spirits.

  30. The issue here is what is best for the animals, not Kevin. Kevin’s interaction with the lions is only going to get the lions killed. Through him, they are more trusting of humans and we all know where that will get them.

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  32. This is beautiful and very neat! I just don’t understand why people feel the need to post their negative comments calling the man an idiot. You don’t know him and even if that were true or if you did, it’s not your life. So you’re just posting negative crap to be negative, not cause you genuinely care about his life and him being alive. People just amaze me.

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