The 3-Wheeled Car That Gets 80+ Miles Per Gallon and Costs Under $7000

At the annual Showstoppers startup showcase, part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Paul Elio, founder of Elio Motors, showed off the company’s flagship product: a 3-wheeled car.

The vehicle has two wheels in the front and one centered in the back. It has space for two (one in the front, one in the back) and boasts exceptional gas mileage: up to 84 miles/gallon highway and an estimated 49 miles/gallon in urban areas.

It also doesn’t lack power: it accelerates from 0-100mph in 9.6 seconds, faster than many cars on the road today. It’s tapered design helps reduce air resistance, making this combination of power and fuel economy possible.

3 wheel car8

It is also remarkably safe, boasting a top safety rating by the National Highway Transportation Safety Board. And despite it’s space-age appearance, the vehicle uses only existing technologies. Jim Andrews, a company spokesman, said,

This was a design completely based on existing engineering”

Elio says that he already has 6,000 people who have paid deposits to pre-order the vehicle and hopes to begin delivery at the beginning of 2015. Here’s some more pictures of the new vehicle, as well a video highlighting the interior.

Read the full story from Yahoo! here.


2 thoughts on “The 3-Wheeled Car That Gets 80+ Miles Per Gallon and Costs Under $7000”

  1. This is astounding and almost hard to believe. My initial reaction was to be scathing towards the safety of the automobile, but as I continued to read they even cover the security and stability of this magnificent hybrid car. Makes your imagination wonder of how the model of vehicles will be in the future. My only question is out of the 6,000 consumers he has already made contractual agreements with, how many are in the US? This seems like a foreign vehicle.

    1. As far as i understood ALL of them are American customers. It’s not explicit but the original article said, “Elio is targeting the US market but hopes to eventually ship internationally”, so i assume all those orders are domestic.

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