Mexico Just Legalized the Vigilante Groups Fighting the Drug Cartels and Captured a Major Cartel Boss

On Monday, the Mexican government announced that it would legalize vigilante groups that have been fighting the country’s drug cartels.

The Higher Learning has been covering this story since January 7, when we reported on a group of vigilantes who rolled into the Mexican town of Paracuaro in armored vehicles, disarming the corrupt local police and expelling all cartel members and their associates from the town.

Then, on January 16, we reported that the Mexican government was trying to disarm the vigilante groups, who responded by saying that they would not lay down their weapons until the government had detained all of the cartel leaders who are terrorizing the country.

Masked vigilantes
Masked vigilantes in Paracuaro

Apparently, the government realized it was in their best interest to work with the vigilantes, rather than making them an adversary.

They announced that they would be institutionalizing the groups by incorporating as units of the Rural Defense Corps., a quasi-military force distinction that hasn’t been used in years.

The government also announced that they had captured Dionicio Loya Plancarte (also known as “El Tio” or The Uncle), one of the founders of the Knights Templar Cartel. The government had a $2.25 million reward on his head.

Dionicio Loya Plancarte- “El Tio”

El Tio was taken without a shot being fired. According to the reports, he was found hiding in a closet.

Read the full story from he Business Insider here.


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