How Much Has Microsoft Been Charging the FBI for Access to User Data?

If you weren’t aware, the FBI regularly makes (perfectly legal) requests for user information on persons of interest from different technology companies, including Microsoft.

According to documents allegedly obtained via hacking by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), Microsoft charges the FBI hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

An invoice from December 2012 for $145,100 indicated that Microsoft was charging $100 per request at the time. But a subsequent invoice from August 2013 totaling $352,200 shows that Microsoft upped their price to $200 per request.

You can view all of the hacked invoices here.

One of 14 pages of the August 2013 invoice

It isn’t as bad as it seems though. Many experts who were brought in to analyze the data before the SEA published it argue that it’s good that Microsoft charges the FBI, if simply to leave a paper trail of their inquiries.

It’s also important to note that the documents could be fabricated, although Microsoft did report a data phishing breach in late January, about two weeks after the SEA hacked into the Microsoft Office Blog.

Read more from Gizmodo here.


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