Don’t Touch Your Phone for 10 Minutes, Provide a Day of Clean Drinking Water For a Child In Need

UNICEF recently teamed up with clothing designer Giorgio Armani for the latest campaign in the UNICEF Tap Project, which has been striving to increase access to clean water for children worldwide since 2007.

For this latest scheme, they have created a mobile website app (you don’t have to download anything) that can tell when your phone is not being used. For every 10 minutes you leave your phone alone, Armani will provide a day of clean drinking water to a child in need.

According to UNICEF, 768 million people lack access to safe, clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation and 1,400 children die every day from diseases linked directly to unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation.

Millions of children lack clean water. How long could you go without something far less vital… like your phone?

Visit the homepage of the UNICEF Tap Project on your phone and get started!


152 thoughts on “Don’t Touch Your Phone for 10 Minutes, Provide a Day of Clean Drinking Water For a Child In Need”

  1. Its strange how many people are complaining. The fact is that many of us do not have the resources to help out many people. Sure we could give $5 or $10 or even $100 sometimes but these companies can do a whole lot more, and all they ask is a little advertising space on your phone. There’s no such thing as a free lunch and even the big companies are going to make sure they get something out of it too. Us putting their brand on our screen for 10 minutes is their reward. Is it really that wrong?

    1. According to the ad, for every 10 minutes of not using your cell phone you will be effectively giving $0.025 worth of drinking water to someone in need. I wonder how much electricity is used for those 10 minutes living your phone on standby. Them iphones are the thirsty V8′s of the electrical world.
      Cool idea but very inefficient.

      1. i have just left my iphone untouched for ten minutes without even realising and its saved more energy than it would if i was on my facebook or making snap chats and you are saying that this system is inefficient?

    2. There is such thing as a free lunch.Ever been to a homeless shelter?And I’m all for ideas just not stupid,faddy ones.

      1. TNSTAAFL – There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. It’s an economic thing, so maybe that’s where it lost you. The lunch may be “free” to someone in a homeless shelter, but the cost is to them for time to find a job or home; the lunch itself cost money or effort; the facility, the staff, etc. There’s a whole ton of opportunity cost involved. (And if you’ve ever been to one you’d know that you’re subject to “advertising” while you eat – be it a sermon, self-help lecture, or whatnot.)

      2. Tony, that is not a free lunch because tax payers are paying for the funding provided to the shelter. The phrase means that someone is always footing the bill. If anything you just proved it right 😉

    3. Absolutely right thing to do – every little bit that can be done is a step forward. Also much more positive than complaining, really! I think that if it makes us more aware of the need outside our own world – the better insight & hopefully more engagement.

    4. What’s wrong is that they need to get something out of it first.

      Clearly they have the water to give out, but they need to be advertised first to do it?

      How about you just give that water to needy people and do it because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone had your page open for 10 mins?

      1. Your missing the point it’s to draw awareness to it and to focus upon the constant use of our cellphones. You can’t do without your phone for 10 minutes, they go without water for days.

    5. They may be giving water/money to people who need it but they’re getting a better deal. Ever see what the app has permission to once you install it? (at least on android) Your contacts, email address, and maybe other sensitive information. Then they can sell it to the highest bidder. An active email account could be worth $20+ alone.

  2. BS! If UNICEF has the effing water they should give it no matter what I do with my GD cell phone….stop making it seem like “we” are keeping ppl from having clean water! It’s a matter of the “powers that be” controlling the worlds resources!

      1. haha thanks! i don’t understand how people keep missing that! no matter how good or bad someone thinks the campaign is in terms of fixing the problem, it was successful at least in making them THINK about the problem, and that in itself is a major positive- people who think it’s a terrible idea are thinking about better ways to fix the problem, which i think is awesome! that, plus actually donating the water (regardless as to how they go about it), are two major positive things that no other companies are doing right now. yes, large corporations have a lot of responsibility for the problems of the world, but why we attack ones that are actually doing something (even if they have ulterior motives) is beyond me.

        the most important question to ask yourself in my opinion: would this problem be closer to or further away from a solution if not for this campaign? i think it’s hard to argue the latter..

    1. I don’t think I they are trying to say “we” are keeping clean water from people. It’s just a way to make people aware and get everyone involved. Plus people are on their phones entirely too much it’s good to consciously put it down and walk away from it for ten minutes or longer.

    2. It says that Georgio Armani will donate a day of clean drinking water for every 10min someone puts their phone down. Unicef is a charity, they rely on donations.

    3. @Jessica This is exactly what i was thinking reading this! Obviously they have budgeted in advance for providing this water regardless, it is exploitative that I have to DO something in order for these people to receive the water they need, especially since Armani is sponsoring it for good advertising.

    4. They’ll donate regardless it’s more as point. Most can’t go without cellphones for 10 min while others are going without water something that is needed to actually live. I don’t buy their designer bs but it’s a great point.

  3. I have never heard so many self absorbed, whining, rude, misinformed people commenting about not wanting either advertising on their phone, not knowing what/or who does what as far as Unicef, and Armani is concerned- so their complain is invalid in the first place, and/or just plain First World Problems. Shut it. Water. For people. Who don’t have any. A practically FREE way to donate. No- scratch that- a free way to donate. So you have ads on your phone. Like you were shopping around online for a water donation site, and- eww, this one is just not up to snuff. Fucking water. Dying folks. Either help out, or shut it, and get out of the way.

  4. Its not supportive for window phones atm. 😦
    Well, I have a 7.8 Windows phone. idk if discontinued models still work.

  5. Seriously, we stop using our phones and we save lives!?!? why did we not think of this before..? how about fix the actual problem and give them clean water and stop raping their lands for resources but we can help by not using our phones so we can keep guilt free for using our phones.. dickheads! yeah I agree about awareness but don’t make out people are doing a great thing by not using their phones. We have no control of the water situation, even our water is filled with fluoride and whatever else to keep it ‘clean’. Even our food isn’t fit to eat what shall we stop using for 10 minutes to fix that problem? The whole system is fucked up and what for? fucking money!! fuck people and their health, let’s make money from them! This does not fix anything!!

    1. What do you want me to do about raping their lands for resources or the fluoride in our water or the preservatives in our food or the capitalist obsession with gaining money? I don’t have the power to change these things, and, chances are, neither do you. What we do have the power to do, however, is to set our phones down and/or donate. Do what you can and stop complaining that we aren’t fixing the larger problems that we have no power to solve.

  6. 4. 50 Cent ransoming children in Somalia

    Just this month, rapper 50 Cent visited Dolow in Somalia at the request of the World Food Programme. The trip was presumably intended to raise awareness of the issues in the way that Angelina Jolie and George Clooney did for Sudan and Oprah did for South Africa. There are quite a few examples of celebrities connecting with Africa actually. There is even a map to keep track of who has “dibs” on what region.

    If the trip was nothing more than Fifty touring hard-hit areas in order to bring the world’s lazy media along, then it would have been useful at best, and benign at worst. But there is more.

    If you Like the Facebook page for his Street King energy drink, he will provide a meal for a child in need. If the page received a million Likes before Sunday, he would donate an additional million meals.

    So let’s break that down.

    1.If you Like Fifty’s Facebook page — without even buying the drink — a child, presumably in Somalia, gets fed.
    2. We can infer that there is a pot of dollars somewhere earmarked for feeding needy children. Two million meals worth of feeding if you count the million Like-meals plus the potential million bonus.
    3.Those meals, while they could be donated, and have presumably been budgeted for, will not be, except to the extent that you give Street King props online.
    That, ladies and gentlemen, is called extortion. Dramatically photographed, concealed-as-humanitarian-activism, extortion. I can feed so very many meals to these starving children, but I won’t unless you give me something.

    The benefit of involving celebrities in foreign aid work is often that it works to focus the attention of their fans and the media machine more generally on understanding, for however brief a moment, something that is happening somewhere in the world. Out of that can come the kind of empathy and activism that makes things like the Save Darfur campaign possible.

    The celebrity’s contribution, though, hinges on whether they can successfully translate attention on them into attention to the issues. When a humanitarian issue becomes a platform for pushing an energy drink on the back of people’s suffering, we should be ashamed.

  7. I don’t think there is one body of water that’s not full of toxic traces. Even the most pure and clear waters in the most remote areas have been tested and found to have PBA. So, then clean water for children…is almost impossible.
    However not completely impossible. Black Mica, people. Look into it research it.. Then invest in it.

  8. Fail. Apparently after your phone falls asleep, the timer stops. It should have had 3 hours worth of time on there; instead, I woke the phone back up and after the “you have 10 seconds to stop touching your phone to keep the counter going,” the counter only said 1 minute. I decided to just click “finish to see results” and it told me I can do better next time. That’s crap. grrr

  9. left my phone alone for 40 min and it drained my battery by I plugged it in, then it refused to work as the act of charging my phone kept resetting the timer.

  10. The response to this by the world is truly a pathetic display. Its showing the world that working as a community we can do good things. We are loaded too, with kindness to work together as a team and make things happen. I think this is mostly a challenge to see whats more important to the rest of the world 10 mins on candy crush or or 10 mins on silent for a good cause. Its to try and prove that material things are beginning to matter to the human race and not the human race itself. I think I say. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  11. The response to this by People of the Human race is truly a pathetic sight… This is showing the world that working as a community we can do good things. We are loaded too. With kindness to work together as a team and make things happen. I think this is mostly a challenge to see whats more important to the rest of the world 10 mins on candy crush or or 10 mins on silent for a good cause. Its to try and prove that material things are beginning to matter to the human race and not the human race itself.The response to this challenge itself is “My phone is more important than this cause.” Disgraceful. MERICA! Bet if this was for free stuff for yourselves or for insurance, cars. You would do it gladly. As for this challenge I think I say. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  12. Or, instead of employing an gimmick for your own advertising gain, you could just, I don’t know, write the check and be genuinely generous instead?

  13. Just giventhe damn people water! If you really wanna help, just be like “heres the water we have for you.” (Im talking about the company). Dicks.

    1. But are they bigger dicks than the companies doing nothing at all? Because that’s the majority of companies.. Yes they have ulterior motives like any corporation but it doesn’t mean that good isn’t being done and awareness isn’t being increased.

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  15. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get
    four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you
    can remove people from that service? Appreciate it!

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