NASA Chief Says the “Ultimate” Goal is Landing and Living on Mars

The talk about reaching and landing humans on Mars has been going on for quite a while in the space agency community. NASA has successfully landed rovers on the surface of Mars, but bringing actual people any further than the moon has still remained a challenge.

In a former Higher Learning post we covered a video interview with Elon Musk, “The Man Who May Be Leading Us To Mars”. In this interview Mr. Musk , founder of Space-X, discusses creative solutions to reaching and even possibly having people live on Mars in the near future.

In fact, this month Chief of NASA Charles Bolden said (according to

“The ultimate thing … is to put boots on the ground on Mars, and that’s not just to do a touch and go. It’s to live there one of these days.”

One crucial step that NASA believes will bring us closer to this goal, is to capture a space rock and put it into orbit around our Moon.

According to

“The space agency is planning an ambitious mission to send a robotic spacecraft to an asteroid, bag the space rock and bring it into orbit around the moon. NASA’s wild plan to capture an asteroid and park it near the moon is only one step on the way to Mars, NASA chief Charles Bolden said Wednesday (March 26).

Although the mission is far from landing humans on Mars, it is still…

 an important step that can be used to test propulsion systems and other technology that could help humans get to Mars.”

Check Out the full article on the Mission Involving Capturing a Space Rock and Putting it Into Orbit Around Our Moon.


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