Making A Difference For A Child

Disclaimer: The Higher Learning Co-founder Dylan Dement works for the Children International Organization. He wrote the following piece.

This week the co-creators and co-founders of The Higher Learning took on a commitment to sponsor a boy named Paul through Children International’s child sponsorship program. 

Children International is not only the second oldest charity in the United States, it also has just a 17% overhead and is a Better Business Bureau  (BBB) five-star rated charity.

With Children International your contribution goes directly to your child (it is not a community fund). Here at HL we are excited to know exactly who our contribution is going to make a difference for.


Paul is an 11 year old boy from the country Zambia. Zambia is located in the southern half of Africa.  Like many of its neighbors, Zambia faces many challenges and is considered an impoverished nation. Nearly 70% of Zambia’s population lives below the poverty line.

Paul is one of nearly 18,000 Zambian children supported through sponsorship programs. Children International’s sponsorship program provides all the essentials including clean water, school, after school programs, food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and more.

Sponsorship programs move funds from developed nations (like the United States) where money is a relatively plentiful resource to countries like Zambia, where seven dollars can provide a week’s worth of food and schooling for a child.

Here at The Higher Learning we encourage participation in effective charitable causes. We’re personally excited about our recent commitment to Paul, and can’t wait to see  what he makes of the opportunity.

Sponsoring a child through Children International is easy. You can choose what country the child comes from as well as their age and gender. Children International sends you a picture of your child in the mail within a week, with letters to follow shortly after. Go to the website if you would like to  sponsor your own child.

Below is a picture of the countries that Children International is currently accepting new sponsors in.


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