Count Dracula’s Castle Just Went Up For Sale. Take A Tour and Learn About Its Dark History

Bran Castle, a 12th century Romanian fortress, is most famous for being the home of the fictional character Count Dracula. Its current owners, now in their 70s, have put the castle on the market for a reported $80 million.

Check out some pictures below (click an image to enlarge).

Over the years, the castle has housed Saxons, Hungarians, Teutonic Knights and possibly even Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for Dracula), who is thought to have been imprisoned there sometime during the 15th century.

The castle eventually ended up back in the hands of its royal heirs, but it was seized by the oppressive Ceausescu regime when they took power in 1948 and gave the royal family 24 hours to leave the country. After the regime fell in 2006, the castle was returned to its remaining heirs.

The current owners are looking for a buyer who will continue their mission of maintaining and growing, “the largest and most significant attraction in Romania.” The castle attracts around 560,000 visitors per year.

Read more from The Telegraph here.


8 thoughts on “Count Dracula’s Castle Just Went Up For Sale. Take A Tour and Learn About Its Dark History”

      1. It was pretty cool, really interesting furniture and stuff like that inside, all the details on the doors and such were beautiful. The views from the castle windows were breathtaking too. Maybe I’ll upload the pictures sometime. I do have some Romania shots somewhere on my blog probably tagged romania but not sure if I showed Bran Castle, I’ll look!

      2. sounds amazing!! if you find them and would like to share let me know and i can add some of them to this post! (giving you photo credit of course)

  1. I’ll get my act together soon & send you some pictures just so you can see them if you’re interested. I don’t think they’re quite blog worthy but they’re neat!

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