T-Mobile’s CEO Went OFF Last Night, Calling AT&T and Verizon “F***ers” That Are “Raping You”

Last night, T-Mobile CEO John Legere had some harsh words for rival companies Verizon and AT&T at a company press event.

Legere has a reputation for speaking pretty loosely at these type of events, but last night his words were particularly sharp. Speaking about T-Mobile’s two biggest rivals (who are the two largest cellular carriers in the country by far), Legere said:

“These high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have … the f—— hate you.”

You can check out some of the crazier highlights of Legere’s speech in this video put together by The Verge:

Legere is proud of his reputation for being blunt. In a recent interview, he told Business Insider,

“I don’t walk closely up against the line. I ignore it. It’s who I am… I may be a little rough and crude, but I’m much more like my customers and employees than I am an executive. I think employees relate to the way I speak, customers relate to exactly the way I think and talk. And it’s who I am.”

Legere at last night’s press event

His outspoken ways are working though. In the year and a half since he took over T-Mobile (which was on the verge of being broken up and sold off), Legere has turned the company around. It is now growing faster than any of its competitors in terms of revenue and subscribers.

Legere also used the press conference to announce T-Mobile’s new music streaming service, unRadio.

Read the original story from Business Insider here.


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