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Government Adds $75 Million to NSA Budget to Avoid Future Snowdens

The House Intelligence Committee approved a new spending bill for the National Security Agency (NSA) on Thursday. Included in the new spending bill was an additional $75 million dollars to,

improve its internal security and mitigate insider threats to classified material.”

That’s pretty much as close as you can get to saying, “make sure there’s no more Ed Snowdens” without saying it outright.

Interestingly enough, the NSA had already deployed security software (purchased from the massive defense contracting corporation Raytheon) to prevent insider leaksĀ before Edward Snowden made his revelations. However, the system had yet to be installed at the station in Hawaii that Snowden worked at due to,

the limitations of the station’s network connection back to the continental US.”

Apparently there weren’t many limitations on the station’s network connection to Wikileaks!

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