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What It Looks Like to Ride the World’s Biggest Urban Zipline (GoPro Video)

Director Devin Graham, better known by his Youtube name, Devin Supertramp, has been getting a lot of attention on Youtube lately.

A few weeks ago, he released an awesome video in which he and his crew converted a hill in San Francisco into a giant slip-and-slide. They used $85,000 worth of camera equipment to capture the fun:

Now, Devin and his crew have taken on a new challenge: filming themselves riding the world’s biggest urban zipline in Panama City.

The team ascended to the top of a 700-foot building before launching themselves down the 10,000-foot line.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, the daredevils also unclip themselves halfway down the line, finishing out the ride with a short free-fall followed by a gentle trip to the ground via parachute. Check it out in the video below:

(h/t Hi Consumption)


GoPro Takes Us Inside The Mysterious World of Jellyfish Lake (Video)

This small, picturesque lake is located on the remote island of Eli Malk. This island is part of over 200 small islands which make up the country of Palau, a small island nation located near Japan.

Jellyfish Island

Although the lake is connected through small underground tunnels to the ocean, the lake and its inhabitants are, for the most part, totally isolated.

Check out the video below to see why Jellyfish Lake is so amazing…

Eli Malk is part of the Rock Islands, a cluster of mostly uninhabited limestone and coral islands that contain about 70 marine lakes similar to Jellyfish Lake. Though many of these other lakes contain their own jellyfish, none of them have as high of a concentration of golden jellyfish as the lake on Eli Malk.

Because of the extreme isolation, the golden jellyfish inside Jellyfish Lake have evolved into their own unique species over time. Many believe that other new species may have evolved from their relatives in nearby lagoons as well. 

The Navy SEAL’s Parachute Jump Into the San Diego Padres’ Stadium From Their Perspective (Video)

When the San Diego Padres hosted the L.A. Dodgers for their home opener last Tuesday, they held a special ceremony to honor baseball legend Jerry Coleman.

As part of that ceremony, three members of the Navy SEAL’s Parachute Team the “Leap Frogs”, parachuted into the stadium with special flags bearing Coleman’s initials and trademark star.

Here’s what the jump looked like for one of those SEALs:


Incredible Go-Pro Footage of a Pelican Learning to Fly (Video)

Meet Bigbird, a pelican who was orphaned off the coast of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. He was discovered by staff of the Greystoke Mahale safari company after stumbling ashore during a storm.

They took him in, nursed him back to health, and then taught him how to fly by running up and down the beach over and over flapping their arms like wings. Eventually, Bigbird figured it out.

GoPro Video Captures Africa’s Endangered Cape Griffon Vulture (Video)

In the last of the GoPro HERO3+ Adventure Series, Kerri Wolter and Walter Neser (a South African couple) highlight Africa’s Cape Griffon Vulture, ranging from rescuing injured birds to releasing captive bred vultures.

Kerri Wolter and Walter Neser have put together this video to enlighten us on the beauty of the endangered Cape Griffon Vulture. If you wish to learn more about their efforts in Vulture Conservation, they urge you to visit http://www.vulpro.com

The Cape Griffon vulture, the largest bird of its kind in Africa, is also one of the most endangered. Listed as “vulnerable” to extinction by the World Conservation Union (which is similar to “threatened” on the Endangered Species List) the Cape Griffon vulture has suffered a significant population decline over the past few decades. Among the dangers faced by the Capes, which are confined to a small area of south and southwest Africa, is electrocution on power lines. In addition, changes in the migration patterns of large game herds and an increase in domesticated animals (which are usually buried when they die) have diminished the amount of food available to the birds and led to dietary insufficiencies.”       -From PBS (Read More about the Cape Griffon Vulture Here!)

It is important to recognize and build awareness on endangered species before it is too late. Kerri Wolter and Walter Neser are doing more than their part in helping to protect the beautiful Cape Griffon Vulture species.

WOW. The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions Brought a Go-Pro This Time (Video)

Kevin Richardson is known as the lion whisperer, and I think that term is perfectly accurate. He has literally made himself part of a pride of lions, as well as a group of hyenas.

Watch Kevin hug, cuddle and play with these wild predators. He also attaches Go-Pros on the backs of some of the lions and hyenas, so you can see things from their perspective as well.

If this isn’t the most amazing intimate footage of lions and hyenas you’ve ever seen, I’d be very surprised.