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True/False: The Last Time A President Signed Executive Orders Less Often Than Obama Was in the 1800s

In recent months, right-wing media outlets have been pushing the narrative of Obama as a dictator who simply signs an executive order whenever he can’t get Congress to do what he wants.

I disagree with plenty of Obama’s politics, but I decided to look into the numbers for myself. Here’s what I found, courtesy of The American Presidency Project at the University of California- Santa Barbara:

executive orders

The first column of numbers shows total executive orders. As of now, Obama is at 182. Since 1900, only two presidents, Gerald Ford (169) and George Bush senior (166) have signed less total executive orders. However, both of them only served one term.

The second column of numbers shows average executive orders signed per year. Obama is currently at 33.58 orders per year.

That’s lower than both Bush Sr. (31.5) and Gerald Ford (68.92). Both were conservatives who advocated small-government.

In fact, it’s lower than any president since Grover Cleveland was in the White House from 1885-1889. He averaged 28.25 executive orders per year during that time (he averaged 35 during his second term from 1893-1897).

If you want to attack Obama’s executive orders, attack their content, not their numbers. You can check them out on whitehouse.gov here.

NOTE: A number of websites seeking to take advantage of the executive order myth (like Western Journalism and Four Winds 10) have posted lists of Obama’s worst executive orders.

The problem is, the orders they list are from 10990-11921. That means they were signed by John F. Kennedy during the Cold War.

Obama’s first order was #13489. While some people claimed this order was essentially a sealing of his records (so nobody could check his birth certificate), it was pretty much the opposite.

It rescinded executive order 13233 (signed by George W. Bush) which let former presidents and even their family members declare “executive privilege” to block public access to White House records for pretty much any reason.

From the Editor: Why I Really REALLY Hate Everything About the Climate Change Debate

I personally hate talking about the issue of climate change. I think all the dialogue around it has become a joke- just a bunch of regurgitated political talking points and sound-bites. Look, I understand that there is no such thing as “certainty” in science. But what we have is a group of politically and financially motivated people (the oil and gas industry and the mostly conservative politicians in their pockets) who are using a tiny bit of uncertainty as an excuse to ignore a major problem.

That isn’t to absolve those who claim to be champions of the climate change debate either. Every year I hear liberal politicians (Obama included) making big promises about passing legislation to slow climate change, and every year I see those politicians forget about their promises once they’ve won their spot in Washington. While some of them may be genuinely concerned, it’s my (possibly pessimistic) opinion that most of them use global warming for the votes, just like some conservatives deny it for the votes.

I don’t claim to be a climate expert by any means- that’s a claim very few people in this world can make. But when we live in a global, interdependent society, we simply cannot survive without a certain level of trust and respect for the academics who are our experts.

Could 99% of climatologists be wrong about climate change? Sure. Could they all be part of some massive conspiracy to tax carbon-emissions? Also possible.

But if you took your child to 100 doctors, and 99 of them said the child had a fatal disease, would you believe the one doctor who said the child was fine? Because that’s what we’re doing with our planet right now.

Sure, believing that one doctor may help ease our pain in the short term, as it allows us to pretend like there’s nothing wrong with our child as well as saving us the cost of treatment. But when the child’s body begins to break down and we’re helpless to stop it, we will be stuck wondering why we didn’t listen to the other doctors and try to save our child when we had the chance…

God forbid…

Taking real action to battle climate change will cost lots of rich and influential people a lot of their riches and influence, and (in my humble opinion) that is the primary reason why they’re relentlessly trying to convince us to listen to that one dissenting doctor.