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The Coolest Places On Earth: Fly Geyser, Nevada (Pictures)

On the Hualapai Flat in Northwest Nevada, about a third of a mile off of old Route 34, lies the Fly Ranch. In 1964, energy speculators dug wells into the area, looking for sources of geothermal energy.

The well they dug at Fly Ranch was either capped incorrectly or not tapped at all, because soon after the speculators left, dissolved minerals began to rise from the ground, accumulating into the mounds which continue to grow to this day.

Eventually, the built up pressure from the hot water in the ground was too much to hold back, and the water burst through, creating a geyser and some 30-40 pools in the surrounding 74 acres.

Unfortunately, Fly Ranch is privately owned so you can’t visit the geyser without special permission. You can, however, check out some more pictures of it below. Click an image to enlarge:

The brilliant colors on the geyser are a result of the thermophilic algae that grows on the rocks.

Thermophiles are just one example  of a group of organisms known as extremophiles. These organisms thrive under extreme conditions, such as the boiling hot temperatures of the water coming from the geyser.

Other extremophiles are known to live in extremely acidic, alkaline or even radioactive environments. Many are able to survive without oxygen and some even live in the frigid conditions of ice and permafrost.

Wait… Toyota’s New Electric Fuel Cell Car Can Power My House, Too??

On Monday in Las Vegas, all of the biggest and baddest new cars took center stage at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But one car in particular has really caught people’s attention.

At the show, Toyota unveiled a new fuel cell car called the FCV-R  that looked…well, sort of like a Prius. However, this car can do something that no other Prius (or any other car, for that matter) could ever even dream to do: power your house.

The interior isn’t too shabby either

Engineer’s are currently working on designing an adapter cable to connect the car to the home’s power grid, but according to Toyota, the vehicle will be able to power your house for about a week when fully fueled. Toyota hopes this special feature will prove invaluable in times of emergency when power goes out.

If you’re wondering, hydrogen fuel cells work by combining hydrogen gas (H2) stored in the car’s “fuel” tank with oxygen gas (O2) from the air. The chemical reaction that combines these two gases to form water (H2O) releases electrical energy, which is then used to power the car (or the house, I guess). Water is the only by-product, which makes this form of energy extremely clean.

Ok this thing has got a seriously luxurious interior

Toyota plans to start selling the car in the United States next year. Here’s Bob Carter, Toyota’s VP of Automotive Operations here in the United States:

“Fuel cell electric vehicles will be in our future sooner than many people believe, and in much greater numbers than anyone expected.”

Read more from the L.A. Times here.

The 3-Wheeled Car That Gets 80+ Miles Per Gallon and Costs Under $7000

At the annual Showstoppers startup showcase, part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Paul Elio, founder of Elio Motors, showed off the company’s flagship product: a 3-wheeled car.

The vehicle has two wheels in the front and one centered in the back. It has space for two (one in the front, one in the back) and boasts exceptional gas mileage: up to 84 miles/gallon highway and an estimated 49 miles/gallon in urban areas.

It also doesn’t lack power: it accelerates from 0-100mph in 9.6 seconds, faster than many cars on the road today. It’s tapered design helps reduce air resistance, making this combination of power and fuel economy possible.

3 wheel car8

It is also remarkably safe, boasting a top safety rating by the National Highway Transportation Safety Board. And despite it’s space-age appearance, the vehicle uses only existing technologies. Jim Andrews, a company spokesman, said,

This was a design completely based on existing engineering”

Elio says that he already has 6,000 people who have paid deposits to pre-order the vehicle and hopes to begin delivery at the beginning of 2015. Here’s some more pictures of the new vehicle, as well a video highlighting the interior.

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