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In New Jersey, The Local Neighborhood Bear Walks Upright (Video)

New Jersey resident Ian Bohman was heading out for a Monday morning workout when he noticed a local bear walking upright. The spectacle was too perfect to not capture a viral worthy video. Check out the video below to see just how human-like bears can be…

At first it’s not totally clear if this video is a hoax or just a man dressed up as a bear or something, but I can assure you that the video is actually of a real bear.

According to Bohman, the bear is actually “kind of famous” in his hometown.

Kelsey Burgess, who works with the New Jersey Department of Fish, Game and Wildlife, saw the video herself. She thinks that the bear was most likely injured in a car accident.

“Bears can walk on their hind legs very well. It’s just they don’t choose to do so unless they’re forced to,”

she told ABC News.

Brown bear cubs standing up (Photo: Cheryl A. Ertelt)

Locals have seen the bear walking on its hind legs and prowling through garbage on a number of occasions, but this was the first quality video captured of the bear’s strange behavior.

Bears are reasonably common in this area of New Jersey and this one hasn’t showed any aggression towards the locals, so little has been done about relocating the bear or bringing it into captivity.

Check out the full story from YahooNews here.