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Ecuador Volcano Erupts and Emits Beautiful Ash Plume

A volcano in Ecuador, known as Tungurahua, erupted Friday, leaving behind a very beautiful ash plume.

In the local Quechua language “Tungurahua” means “Throat of Fire”. This is a suitable name for Tungurahua, a volcano located south of Ecuador’s capital Quito.

According to BBC,

“The volcano has been erupting since 1999, but has been particularly active in the last two months.Tungurahua is one of eight active volcanoes in Ecuador, which lies in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire.”

The eruption fortunately did no major damage and also created a spectacular ash plume that was estimated to be up to 6 miles high. Check Out some great pictures below of the eruption in action.



Did You Know… The First Mechanical Gear Was Designed by Mother Nature? (Pictures & Video)

Meet the issus planthopper, a close relative of the grasshopper.

In September of last year, scientists studying this insect discovered that the issus was using a built-in mechanical gear to synchronize the powerful jumping mechanisms that it uses to jump distances over 100 times its body-length. Here’s a close up:

The length indicator is in micrometers; a micrometer = 1 millionth of a meter

It’s the first mechanical gear found within a living creature, and helps the planthopper achieve jumping accelerations up to 400g’s (ie. 400x the force of gravity), 20 times what the human body can withstand.

Here’s a video showing the mechanism in action. It has been slowed waaaay down- the actual process happens in less than 30 milliseconds: