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NASA Made an Amazing Mosaic of Earth Using Over 36,000 Selfies Taken All Across the Globe

Last month, NASA set out to create a “global selfie”. First, they asked people around the world to take pictures of themselves with a little NASA placard saying where they were. They then compiled the 36,422 selfies they got into a stunningly accurate mosaic of the Earth.

A close up of part of the mosaic (Courtesy of NASA)

For Earth Day (April 22), NASA used social media to pose the question, “Where are you on Earth right now?”, encouraging fans and followers to take selfies and post them using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie.

Selfies were taken on every continent (including Antarctica), and 113 different countries and regions were represented. Each picture was used as a tile on the earth, creating a fully zoomable global mosaic that you can view by clicking the image below.

Everybody got in on the fun, including Elmo, a lego pilot, an astronaut and even a lazy cat. Check out some of the coolest selfie submissions below.

(h/t RT)

2013’s Hottest Words And [Unfortunately] How to Capitalize On Them (Infographic)

These are according to Cambridge Dictionaries Online’s About Words blog.

While most of them are hilarious, they also make me shake my head at the popular culture of the modern day. Either way, still insightful!

Also, I found this specific infographic particularly interesting because it is actually showing advertisers how to capitalize on the trends of this new hyper-digital world.

Click on the infographic to see the full size version.