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The Flyer That Said Jews In the Ukrainian City of Donetsk Had To Register Is A Fake

You may have seen news earlier today that a flyer circulated in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk stated that Jews in the area would have to register with the local authorities.

It prompted an immediate response across the globe. John Kerry, who was just finishing up talks of de-escalation with leaders from Russia, Ukraine and the European Union in Geneva, Switzerland, called the leaflets, “intolerable”, “grotesque”, and “beyond unacceptable”.

Here’s a picture of the flyer

Lesley Weiss is the deputy director of the National Conference Supporting Jews (NCSJ), an organization which focuses on promoting the right of Jewish people in eastern Europe.

The organization spoke directly with jewish leadership in the area, who informed them that the flyers were fake: no one had to register and no one would be deported.

Officials from the United States believe that the flyers were the work of the Donetsk People’s Republic, an unrecognized pro-Russian Separatist group that seeks to make Donetsk a part of Russia. Their leadership denies responsibility, however.

Read more from The Daily Dot here and from CBC News here.

6 of The Most Breathtaking Yet Terrifying Bridges You Could Ever Cross (Pictures)

Click any of the images to enlarge them.

1. Capilano Suspension Bridge- North Vancouver, Canada

Height: 70m (230ft); Length: 137m (449ft)- This simple suspension bridge crosses the Capilano River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

2. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa- Kushma, Nepal

Height: 70m (443ft); Length: 137m (1,128ft)- This bridge was created in the hopes of easing some of the congestion that was being caused by shepherds constantly moving their animals up and down the narrow mountain roads.

3. Aiguille du Midi Bridge- Mont Blanc, French Alps

This bridge isn’t actually all that long.. once you get up there that is. See it’s at the very top of Mont Blanc which is 3,842m (12,605ft) tall, so you have to take a vertical cable car built in 1955 which still holds the record for highest vertical ascent for a cable car. Once you get up to the bridge, the view is straight down for a mind-numbing 1,035m– that’s almost 2/3 of a mile!

4. Trift Bridge- Gadmen, Switzerland

Height: 100m (328ft); Length: 170m (558ft)- This simple suspension bridge is the longest pedestrian-only bridge in the Swiss Alps. It was built in 2004 to re-connect hikers with a remote hut made inaccessible by a retreating glacier.

5. Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge- South Korea

This bridge is part of an intense hike up the mountain which also includes a number of precarious red steps. It spans 50m (164ft) and looks out over an 81m (266ft) gorge between to mountain peaks.

6. Canopy Walkway Bridge- Kakum National Park, Ghana

Height: 40m (130ft); Length: 330m (1,080ft)- The Walkway is actually a series of seven bridges made of wire rope, aluminium ladders, wooden planks, and a system of netting, it allows visitors to view the tropical rainforest canopy from an awe-inspiring perspective.


Amazing: Man Finds Himself in an Audience Full of People Who He Saved From The Nazis as Children (Video)

In the winter of 1938, 29-year old British stockbroker Nicholas Winton was headed for a Christmas skiing holiday in Switzerland when his friend Martin Blake, who was involved in Jewish refugee work in Czechoslovakia, called him to ask for help.

Not only did Winton help, he established an organization to aid the children of Jewish families that were being targeted by the Nazis. He then managed to secure passage for 669 children through the Netherlands to Britain, despite the fact that the Dutch had already officially closed their borders to Jewish refugees.

Winton never told anyone about his act of heroism. But in 1988, his wife discovered the book he had used to keep a record of all the children and managed to track some of them down…