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This Animal Isn’t A Snake. Think You Can Guess What It Really Is? (Photos)

Professor Daniel Janzen, a biology professor from the University of Pennsylvania, has spent years of his life cataloguing and photographing a very unique group of creatures: caterpillars that defend themselves against predators by looking and acting like snakes.

Check out some more pictures of “Snake Caterpillars” taken by Professor Janzen below:

Snake caterpillars can be found in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, and some parts of Mexico. Their markings resemble a snake’s head, which they can actually use to “strike” at would be predators (though they obviously can’t bite like a real snake would).

Janzen is an ecologist and what most would call a caterpillar expert. He’s been tracking these insects in Costa Rica since 1978 and  has been an expert in the field of entomology (the study of insects) for 50 years.

Dan Janzen, with a prehensile-tailed porcupine on his shoulder (Photo: Winnie Hallwachs / NOVA)

He splits his time between his labs and the field, spending half the year at the University and the other half in Central America, searching for strange new species of insect like the snake caterpillars.


University in Scotland Says Edward Snowden Should Be “Honored” and Elects Him as University Rector

The University of Glasgow has elected Edward Snowden as University Rector (the students’ elected representative),

Founded in 1451, The University of Glasgow is located in Scotland. Also according to the Glasgow’s website  the University is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world.

According to BBC the role of the University Rector is…

 to attend the university court, which administers resources, work with the students’ representative council, and to bring student concerns to the attention of university management.”

This may be a small admin position at an abroad University, but it does stand as another indicator that other countries do not agree with the United State’s whistleblower laws.

 Edward Snowden fled the US last May and has been in asylum in Russia ever since. In a previous post on the Higher Learning I discussed more in detail about Edward Snowden’s situation with his asylum in Russia and his possible return home.

Mainly, Snowden is not returning to the US right now because our government would prosecute him. The University of Glasgow felt quite the opposite about this stating…

we’ve shown that we oppose mass surveillance and intrusion to our private lives and that also we stand in solidarity – that we believe whistleblowers should be honoured and they’re heroes rather than traitors.”

The University actually has a pretty awesome campus. Check Out some pics of it below.

Is Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It? (Infographic)

The average 2013 college graduate will leave school with $35,200 in student debt. In 2009, total student debt surpassed credit card debt for the first time ever. Here’s some more thought-provoking information on the evolving business of higher education (click on the image to see the full-size version). For more info, check out this great CNN Money story.