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Time-Lapse Video of This Insane Supercell Cloud Forming Over Wyoming Last Weekend

On May 18th, a large storm rolled through Wyoming, bring with it some crazy cloud formations. Supercells like the one in the picture above are the rarest type of thunderstorm.

They are formed when there is a wind shear, which occurs when there are significant differences in the speed and direction of the wind on the ground and the wind in the atmosphere about 20,000 feet up.

The video below was captured by the Basehunters, a group of storm-chasers based out of Norman, Oklahoma.

100% of New Power Generation Gains Last Month Came from Renewable Energy

According to a report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, ALL of the additional electricity-generation capacity added by the United States during the month of November came from sources of renewable energy.

Sources including solar, biomass, wind, geothermal, and hydropower projects added a total of 394 Megawatts of capacity. None of the new capacity came from nuclear power or fossil fuels.

In October, 99% of new electricity-generation capacity came from renewables. Although natural gas has still added the most capacity on the year (52%), renewable sources such as solar energy are showing vast gains: 21% of new electricity-generation capacity this year comes from solar power, a figure that is up more than 60% from this same time last year.

However, renewable energy still accounts for less than 10% of the total energy supply of the United States.

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